Girls Unicorn Accessory Kit

Fairy Tale To GoYour child’s imagination is always working over time. When the family was on vacation, she was noticing shapes in the clouds, patterns in the grass, and imagining princesses waiting in the turret windows of fancy Victorian houses. You can tell when she’s going in deep. She’s seeming to concentrate on nothing at all but you’re not fooled. There’s a vision in her head and it’s most likely pretty beautiful! You get glimpses of what her fairytale musings might look like when she tells you bits and pieces but wouldn’t it be nice to see her magical adventures in living color?

Product Details
Your child will be able to instantly transform into a fairytale unicorn with this colorful kit. The subtle pastel colors illuminate the layers of tulle. With shades of green, purple, blue, and yellow, your child would look right at home dancing in a meadow, be it imaginary or real. A band of white satin brings a touch of ballerina grace to your child’s look. This costume is topped off with a silver horn and purple ears. Rosettes frame the silver horn. Colorful tulle falls down the back, creating an almost manelike appearance. Pretty PrancingWhether you’re looking for a costume for a themed birthday party, a play, or trick-or-treating, you’re sure to see your child light up as she’s twirling around in this costume. She’s sure to love playing pretend as this magical unicorn. And you’ll love watching her granting wishes and dancing in this magical ensemble. Now that this costume is part of playtime, you can finally have the inside scoop on your child’s fairytale visions. It only takes a moment to make after-school playtime into a magical moment. Just be sure to take plenty of pictures to make sure you capture that happily-ever-after look on your child’s face!

Brand: Amscan

Gender: Female

Size: One-Size

Color: Purple & Green & White

Material: Polyester


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Girls Unicorn Accessory Kit

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