Girl’s Twisted Angel Costume

Conflicting ChoicesLike most young people, your child is still trying to figure out who she is. And although you like to encourage her to discover things on her own, you’re a little bit tired of the rollercoaster. One moment, your child is sweetly asking you if she can help with the dishes, and the next, you catch her with her hand in the cookie jar not two minutes before dinnertime!Although you wish your kid would listen to her “shoulder angel” a little more often, you try to keep in mind that even the adults you know are far from perfect, so why would you expect that kind of behavior from your child? And although your kiddo’s antics keep you on your toes, at least you can’t complain that you’re bored!
Product Details
Sounds like your child might feel right at home in this Twisted Angel Costume! It starts with a detailed black and white dress that combines the traditional look of an angelic being with its darker counterpart.The top of the dress is half black mesh and half white fabric, extending down to a layered white skirt overlaid with jagged black panels. Black and white wings match each side of the dress, as does the black and white halo headband. Your kiddo will love wearing this new twist on a traditional look for her next costumed event!

Brand: Amscan

Gender: Girls

Size: M

Color: Black & White

Material: Polyester

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Girl’s Twisted Angel Costume

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