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Mischief Middle NameIs Mischief your little girl’s middle name? Is she able to sneak into a room full of adults without anyone realizing she’s there? Does she love capering through sunny meadows and wooded glades? Her sneaking skills are handy to have if she’s looking to sneak a handful of chocolate bridge mix or escape a looming bath time. Her ability to hop and leap always looks like a good time. There’s no doubt that if your little one was a wild animal, she’d make a great fox. Those little critters are the slyest animals in the forest.It would be quite fun to gallivant in the wilderness as a fox. For one, their little habitats are the coziest homes in the forest. They raise their kits in dens that they’ve dug themselves. If your little one was sleeping in a den then she’d make it cozy, lining it with cozy leaves, soft quilts, and glowing lights among the tree roots, no cold rocky ground for her! Fox families are often sighted leaping and playing together in fields and forests. When they are hunting or sleeping, these eye-catching beasties are always ready to have fun!

Design & Details
Your little girl will love this exclusively designed costume. She’ll look perfectly picturesque with the autumn leaf changes and clear autumn sky. The rust-orange jumpsuit has a soft patch of white faux fur on the chest and rust faux fur at the wrists, ankles, and neckline. The tail is full and fluffy with a white tip at the end. She’ll even have a furry ear headband to keep her alert like a fox! Drawn on whiskers and black tip nose will make her foxy look complete. No need to sneak extra candy this Halloween, no one will be able to resist giving this little fox an extra handful of candy!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: 2XL

Color: Orange & White

Material: Polyblend


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Girl’s Sly Fox Costume | Animal Costumes for Girls

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