Girl’s Shimmering Angel Costume

Perfect Progeny?Weve come to associate the word angel with perfect behavior and complete innocence. If someone calls your child an angel, she’s probably been fairly obedient and hasnt been acting in a disruptive way. However, the word angel actually just comes from a Greek word that means messenger. So even if your child isnt perfect, she could still deserve the name. While getting some children to talk is almost painful, others seem to feel the need to keep you informed on every aspect of their lives. Theyre constantly keeping you updated about whats going on with their friends at school, what happened in the movie they watched, and what their teddy bears did that day. And even if your child is fairly quiet and not always the picture of innocence, maybe an angel costume will inspire her to be a little more heavenly.

Design & Details
Your child will certainly shine when she puts on this Shimmering Angel Costume! Our design teams have worked hard to create a costume that will bring out the best in your child this Halloween. The white dress has shiny silver straps and a silver belt. The belt and the collar of the dress also feature beautiful iridescent faux gems. The white dress has a tulle overlay with glittery dots that give the whole outfit some extra sparkle. Of course, an angel cant fly down from heaven without its wings! The white feathered wings also have some extra shine in the form of round faux gems along the edges. The finishing detail is a fluffy halo connected to a headband that will look like its floating above your childs head. Were pretty sure that any kid who wears this beautiful costume will feel like treating, not tricking! Actually AngelicNo matter how your child usually behaves, we hope shell feel inspired to be good in this Shimmering Angel Costume. Whether she wears it for Halloween, a costume party, or a school play, shell have a perfectly great time!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Gray & White

Material: Polyester


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Girl’s Shimmering Angel Costume

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