Girl’s Peppa Pig Long Sleeve Costume

Oink or Treat We have to be honest. We can’t think of too many instances in which being a pig would be a lot of fun. Sure, it sounds enjoyable to roll in the mud, but that’s about it! However, being Peppa Pig and romping from house to house collecting candy DOES sound like a really good time! Sadly, we haven’t quite acquired the technology to help turn your little one into her favorite piglet just yet (though we are working tirelessly at this). In the meantime, please allow us to introduce you to this Kid’s Peppa Pig Long-Sleeve Costume the next best thing!We listened and we heard that all Peppa fans want to live with Mommy and Daddy Pig, and baby brother George. We know they want to have fun adventures and learn important lessons alongside the Pig Family. And oink-or-treating has never been more fun!Design & DetailsThis iconic look is easy to pull off, thanks to this costume’s long pink sleeves and leggings. The design looks just like Peppa’s signature ensemble, and the attached hood can pull up over your kiddo’s head, revealing Peppa’s face. The tail ensures your child feels perfectly porcine, from snout to hooves.Memory in the MakingWe know that trick or treating as Peppa is a not-to-be-missed childhood experience. That’s why this costume is so great. It can instantly turn your child into the spitting image of Peppa (without the unfortunate side effects of our skin-pinking serum. It’s…still a work in progress). No painful snout-growing needed either! This costume takes care of it all. 

Brand: Disguise Limited

Gender: Girls

Size: 2T

Color: Pink & Red

Material: Polyester

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Girl’s Peppa Pig Long Sleeve Costume

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