Girls Miss Wonderland Costume

So StrangeWhat on earth has happened to you? A moment ago, you were enjoying a peaceful summer day, and then the next minute a talking white rabbit burst out of nowhere and you just had to follow it (because it was a talking rabbit, of course!) Before you knew it, you had fallen down a giant hole, grown and shrunk to crazy sizes, had tea with some very odd characters, run from a bloodthirsty queen, and played croquet with live animals. Who knows what will happen next? 
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While your surroundings are getting curiouser and curiouser, this Miss Wonderland Girl’s Costume will just look cuter and cuter! The outfit includes a lovely blue dress with a red and black diamond-patterned inset on the bodice that’s framed in white lace. The blue puffed sleeves and the black bow on the waistband complements the full skirt with its overskirt of white mesh decorated in card suit symbols. The headband features a blue bow with a tiny felt clock at the center. All Mad HereIf you’ve literally stumbled into a magical land where cats disappear, hatters tell weird riddles, and everything is generally topsy-turvy, don’t worry! You’re smart, brave, and quick-witted, and you’ll turn out just fine, especially since you’re wearing just the right dress for the occasion. When you get home, you can even go trick-or-treating in your finery – but if any of your Halloween candy is marked “Eat Me” or “Drink Me,” you might want to skip those treats and just eat chocolate. 

Brand: Amscan

Gender: Girls

Size: M

Color: Black & Blue & White

Material: Polyester

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Girls Miss Wonderland Costume

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