Girls Little Angel Costume

The Angelic AngleWhen you look at your kiddo, there is bound to be a mix of emotions. On one hand, you see the delightful creature that youve brought to this world. Full of wonder and innocence, kindly and sweet, a real angel brought to Earth sort of situation. Then, you think a little harder. You look at the pranks that they pull. You remember the jokes that theyve made at your expense. You think of that time that they wanted a few extra pieces of candy or the what you thought was the secret container of ice cream that you had tactically hidden behind a bag of frozen broccoli and the outrage you suffered at its complete disappearance! So, believe us when we say that we understand the complex relationship that we have with angels. Sure they are celestial folks that are tasked to bring us happiness and bliss, to guard us from danger and inspire us to greatness. But, thats only when they are up there in Heaven.

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That is where this Little Angel costume comes into play. This off-the-shoulder ruffle top dress has a white mesh skirt with silver trim and elastic shoulder straps for a comfortable fit. The white satin angel wings have wire frame for durable shape and elastic straps to stay in place. The silver headband has an attached white feather halo to ensure that your tyke remembers why they were put here, though a few heavenly accessories might finish the job. Take a look at some of our adult angel options to join in and form your own celestial choir and participate in some of that candy-snatching fun. Now if you only you could get in touch with the fundament folks to help you actually take flight!

Brand: Fun World

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: White

Material: Polyblend


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Girls Little Angel Costume

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