Girl’s Harley Quinn Tutu Costume

I’m known for being quite vexing. I’m just forewarning you.

So does that quote sound like somebody you know? Somebody who is equal parts bubbly and sassy? Somebody who is small but mighty? Somebody who loves to play super villain to everybody else’s Batman?

Well, then, you can just consider yourself warned! Because if you let your little girl get all dressed up in this awesome Girls Harley Quinn Tutu Costume for Halloween, she’s going to harness her new-found villainy into big action with a big attitude. And were guessing that nobody in Gotham City “ not even Batman himself “ will be able to chase her or her evil plots down then. Especially if they involve absconding with the most Halloween candy.

Product Details
The fashionable little costume is officially licensed, so it looks just like the famous outfits her favorite comic book character, Harley Quinn, wears. The pullover dress has a flared satin skirt that combines the traditional black and red Harlequin inspired color scheme and diamond pattern. Best of all there’s a glittery tulle overlay covering the skirt, so your little Harley will sparkle and shine when shes on the move. She’ll love the red and black glovelets with ruffly cuffs that keep her hands free for doing devious deeds, and the Harlequin horns complete the villainous look.

All she needs to do is to put on the glittery eye mask and set out on her plans to take over Gotham City (and to capture lots of Halloween treats to please her Puddin!)

Brand: Rubies Costume Co. Inc

Gender: Female

Size: M

Color: Black & Red

Material: Polyester


Price are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change. 

Girl’s Harley Quinn Tutu Costume