Girls Gorgeous Ghost Costume for Toddlers

Potential HauntsIf your little one was a friendly ghost, where would she haunt? There are so many fun potential places to spread the spook! She could haunt her school, writing on the chalkboard when everyone’s back is turned. And when the class turns around from story time “buttcheeks” is written in huge letters so everyone can see. That’s a great punchline, totally worth being a ghost. Or your little one could choose to haunt a theater. She could howl out “gross” during the kissing scenes while scattering popcorn all over the audience. That’ll teach them to watch romantic comedies! As you can see, there are plenty of places your kiddo can haunt but when it comes to what kind of ghost she might be, the answer is clear to us! She’d be a happy ghost. After all, when you’re a ghost you can get away with stirring up all the mischief you want so there’s no reason to be sad!

Product Details
& DesignThis simple ghost costume is a total upgrade from the classic sheet over the head. It’s Made-By-Us so you can rest assured it’s not the same ghost look everyone else will be wearing. The dress zips up the back and has a grinning ghost face on the front. The sleeves are flared, giving your child a haunted silhouette that she’ll love to play with. The hood is oversized, with a classic bump on the back. With style and grace, your toddler might want to haunt all over the placeStay Tombed!  When you’re dressing your kiddo up for Halloween, it might be hard to decide on a look! This costume will look timeless on your Instagram feed while matching perfectly with the pumpkins, cats, and witches your little one might be trick-or-treating with. Who knows how many “oooh’s” and “aww’s” this little ghost will stir up this Halloween!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: 2T

Color: Black & White

Material: Polyester


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Girls Gorgeous Ghost Costume for Toddlers

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