Girl’s Disney Inside Out Disgust Classic Costume

We all have a little Mean Girl in us. That voice that looks at something and cannot help but roll our eyes and makes even the most polite and kindly of us struggle to avoid groaning a bit. It might be seeing someone throw a bunch of pineapple on a marinara-based pizza and then adding a heaping pile of anchovies. Perhaps it is inspired from watching our parents snuggle a little too close and kiss each other for just a fraction of a second too long which is, apparently, anything over a quick .84 millisecond peck on the cheek. Or, if you’re anywhere in the Midwest, it might be when the temperature constantly fluctuates between 30 and 35, giving the entire winter season that never-ending brown-and-gray icy soup mixture.We’re talking about that judgmental and dismissive attitude of Disgust that lives within us all. We’ve got the style that we know is right for us and it can be pretty friggen difficult to accept something that doesn’t match that image. And, especially if you’re around people that know how to set you off, it can happen all the time that you’re faced with such horrific imagery. What is one to do with all that young, sassy attitude?Well, you can keep your tyke in suave style with this officially licensed Inside Out Disgust Classic costume. The shimmering floral-embroidered green polyester dress fastens with the modern marvel that is Hook and Loop fastener and features a dark and light green belt that attaches in front. The synthetic and styled wig gleams green with metallic highlights to show that your kiddo is the chief of style and panache. Accent with the perfectly purple neck scarf and your Queen of Style will be ready to help everyone pave forward with flawless style, inside and out.

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Girls


Color: Green

Material: Polyester

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Girl’s Disney Inside Out Disgust Classic Costume

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