Girl’s Detective Costume

Ms. HolmesWhen a mystery is afoot, it’s time to call in a professional! We’re thinking of someone who has excellent skills in deduction. Someone who can pick up on subtle clues that everyone else misses. We’re thinking of someone who isn’t swayed by myth and superstitions. We’re thinking of your child! We think your child has all of the qualities needed to be the next big name in investigation! This Girl’s Detective Costume offers the kind of outfit that she’ll need to crack the case! You’ll be referring to her as Ms. Holmes in no time.

Product Details
This costume for girls is inspired by classic detective novels and really captures that iconic look with a few simple pieces. The costume starts with a houndstooth check dress with black buttons in front. The attached belt has a black plastic slide buckle in the center to help add a distinguished look to the outfit. The houndstooth cape fits around the shoulders and ties at the neck. To bring the whole look together, this costume comes with a houndstooth check hat designed to look like a deerstalker hat (one of Sherlock Holmes’ signature pieces of wardrobe). When your little girl has it on, she’ll be ready to start the investigation!

Brand: LF Products Pte. Ltd.

Gender: Female

Size: 14-Dec

Color: Black & White

Material: Polyester


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Girl’s Detective Costume

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