Girls Descendants 3 Evie Deluxe Costume

Evie!  Even before the VKs learned the benefits of a life of goodness, Evie was pretty much on her way to discovering it. She certainly came a long way from her mother’s wicked ways and often takes a much larger view of what it means to be the fairest of them all. Naturally, that means she’s going to be a bit focused on style and aiming to ensure that she presents herself in the prettiest way possible. But, that also means finding a way to be kind even in a villain-eats-villain world. Whether she’s keeping Mal in check by kindly reminding that there are better ways to solve problems than with magic or working to help others let their inner beauty out. Evie was ready to show the rest of the Villain Kids how to win the day a good way right from the start! (Who needs to steal away magic wands when you can create a brilliant line of colorful clothing, anyway?)

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Evie definitely has our hearts because we love to make great fashion statements, too! Let your kiddo join up with the VK crew in this officially licensed and Deluxe Evie costume from Descendants 3. This pant and dress combo features Evie’s unique style, including a blend of black, blue, and red colors with white stripes at the side. Printing for “Evie’s 4 Hearts” is along the sides to show how well Evie’s fashion line is developing! All you’ll need to do is finish off your tyke’s look with Evie’s iconic blue hair and it’ll be time for a magically good time. Time for Evie’s 4 Hearts! Looks like the daughter of the Evil Queen has been busy with those designs and it is time for your own tyke to benefit! This Deluxe Evie costume from Descendants 3 is sure to be a real winner with your own fairest-of-all kiddo. 

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Female

Size: 12-Oct

Color: Black & Blue & Red

Material: Polyester


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Girls Descendants 3 Evie Deluxe Costume

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