Girl’s Daring Dinosaur Costume

Queen of Them AllOnce upon a time, back before humans walked the Earth (and well before the concept of viral dances), the mighty dinosaurs roamed the land, ranging from the fiercest of predators to the most peaceful of plant eaters. But then a new dino evolved who was unlike all of the others. For one thing, her scales were a bright and pretty color unlike the normal browns and greens, and she was ready to show her fellow dinos a thing or two. 

Product Details
Dazzle the Cretaceous Period in this exclusive Daring Dinosaur Costume for Girls! The one piece jumpsuit has all over printed pink scales and has chevron details down the sleeves as well as the sides of the legs and the torso. Shoe covers secure under your feet with elastic bands and have stuffed pink talons sewn to the tips. Attached mitts conceal your human grabbers and a swishy stuffed tail is sewn to the jumpsuit’s seat. Pull up the hood to reveal dino eyes and felt teeth, while you survey your surroundings looking out through the dino’s mouth!  Dino TakeoverThe whole neighborhood will hear you roar this Halloween! You’re here to teach the other dinos that trick or treat candy tastes much better than leaves (or other dinos) and that they can coexist with the new creatures now populating the Earth. Although it’s perfectly fine to jump out at them when they least expect it. Scaring never goes out of style, whether you’re stalking prey in the jungle or trying to make a friend laugh. 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Pink

Material: Polyester


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Girl’s Daring Dinosaur Costume

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