Girl’s Crazy Cat Costume

Totally BonkersWhat’s wrong with being crazy? It’s just another word for being passionate, exciting, or able to see the world in a really unique way. It might even help you to solve unsolvable riddles in a ridiculous, upside-down kind of fairyland, or gain the ability to slo-o-o-wly vanish, leaving behind just your head. Sound too bonkers to be true? It won’t after you spend a little time down a certain rabbit hole. 

Product Details
You’d have to be mad to turn down an outfit as fun as this Girl’s Crazy Cat Deluxe Costume! The sleeveless dress has a shiny purple bodice embellished with an oversized striped bowtie. Its flouncy, knee-length skirt is made of alternating tiers of deep purple and pink-and-purple-striped fabric. The waist is decorated with a wide pink ribbon sash studded with brass grommets, and a pink faux fur tail can be attached to the dress’s back. The costume comes with fingerless gloves and a foam-backed hat that features soft-sculpted cat ears, appliqued eyes, and decorative faux fur edging. Anything Is Possible in a WonderlandWhen you’re wearing a crazy cool costume, there’s no telling what exciting things may happen to you! Perhaps you’ll collect the most Halloween candy you’ve ever had in your life, or maybe you’ll follow a white rabbit to a tea party thrown by a silly hatter and his equally silly hare friend. If you stumble on any tarts, however, just keep walking. You don’t want to run afoul of the extra-bonkers queen of the realm!    

Brand: Seeing Red

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Purple & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Girl’s Crazy Cat Costume

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