Girl’s Carnival Cutie Costume Dress

Scary SheekCarnivals are fantastic. The delicious fried foods and head-spinning rides are well worth the price of admission. We all remember going to the carnival as kids. It was a blast stuffing your face with funnel cakes until you got queasy, then riding the Gravatron and actually throwing up. After a bit of rest and water, you were back at it again.Oh, and how can we forget the clowns? Half of them were kind of scary, but the non-scary half was pretty cool”especially when they were making elaborate blow-up animals. If you have a young one who is a fan of carnivals and is looking to clown around this year, check out this Carnival Cutie Girl’s Costume for their next Halloween costume.

Product Details
This costume dress has matching accessories and a red and sky blue color scheme. The blue wig looks excellent with the blue accents on the skirt, while the fingerless gloves are a great touch for the kid’s costume. Once your kid learns balloon animals, they’ll be set. If your child wants to have that perfect cute clown look with a bit of a creepy edge, make sure they check out this Carnival Cutie Girl’s Costume.

Brand: Fun World

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: As Shown

Material: Polyester


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Girl’s Carnival Cutie Costume Dress

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