Girls Butterfly Toddler Costume

Beautiful Bug Butterflies don’t seem much like the other bugs. They have more in common with fairies! They have the same beautiful wings, the same flight pattern, and the same love for sugary sweet flower nectar. When you see one fluttering above the grass or sunning itself on a twig, you could almost imagine that it’s a magical creature from another world. Who knows? Maybe if you follow it as it flies along, it’ll take you to meet more of its whimsical friends and you can play all day long. 

Product Details
Your little one will look cute as a bug in this exclusive Girls Butterfly Costume for Toddlers! The sweet, knee-length dress has a black bodice spotted with white dots and embellished with an orange bow at the collar and puff sleeves made of black mesh. The floaty skirt has scalloped panels printed to look like monarch wings. They match the wire-framed butterfly wings that attach at the bac of the dress. The black headband features orange antennae topped with black felt pom-poms. Wings and WishesLegend has it that if a butterfly lands on you, the next wish you make will come true! You must have befriended a butterfly recently, because it seems that your wish for a beautiful costume has already fulfilled itself. This outfit is ideal for a Halloween trick-or-treat party, but it’s also perfect for a fun day of make-believe with friends. You can turn your backyard into your own personal butterfly garden anytime you want. 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: M

Color: Black & Orange & White

Material: Polyester


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Girls Butterfly Toddler Costume

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