Girl’s Apple Jolly Rancher Costume

An Apple a Day…Keeps the doctor away, they say. Well, how about just apple flavor? Is that doctor approved? Probably not, but this apple inspired costume is definity kid approved! Because who doesn’t love apples and sugar? The Apple Jolly Rancher is exactly that, and as an original Jolly Rancher flavor, it has been delighting kids (and adults! ) with its sugary goodness since its invention in 1949. This Halloween, let your child live their dream life and be made of 100% sugar”even if it’s only make believe”in this Jolly Rancher Girls Apple Jolly Rancher Costume.

Product Details
No one is going to overlook your child in this bright green and yellow polyester dress! It’s designed to look just like a Jolly Rancher wrapper, right down to the sideways logo on the torso. Yellow ruffles line the bottom and the top of the dress, just like the yellow twisty ends of a Jolly Rancher candy. For a warmer look that’s just as cute, find some yellow or green leggings and a longsleeve shirt, or wear black like the model and let the legs vanish in the night’s darkness. Add some flats or boots, and your child is ready to hit the streets with their goodie bag! Don’t Be Green With Envy! Don’t miss out on being the proud parent of a candy child! Kids and adults alike will enjoy this sweet and fun little costume. If you really want to get in the Halloween and candy spirit, there are other Jolly Rancher costumes on our site! Look through all of the different flavors and sizes to find the dream fit for your child…or perhaps for yourself. Because who doesn’t want to be a sweet and wholesome Jolly Rancher? Remember, it’s doctor’s orders!

Brand: Morris Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: 10-Aug

Color: Green & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Girl’s Apple Jolly Rancher Costume

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