Girls Aladdin Animated Deluxe Jasmine Costume

ENCHANTING AGRABAHDisney’s Aladdin gives us Agrabah, a shining gem in the middle of endless sand spotted with a random oasis or ancient cat-headed cave. One might think that the greatest wealth of Agrabah would be the beautiful palace and the wealth of the Sultan and the royal family. But, Disney has a way of making sure that the true treasure of a place is just a bit less obvious. What magic and wonder truly awaits in these Arabian nights? Well, the diamond in the rough, Aladdin, seems like a pretty good choice. He’s got a bunch of great qualities just waiting to be shined and shown. Jafar, of course, prizes the magical lamp and the mighty power of the Genie within. But, even he seems pretty intent to use it to gain something else… or someone. Turns out that Jasmine is pretty much the most beloved treasure of Agrabah. And, the best part? She’s not a prize to be claimed by anyone but herself!  

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If you have a kiddo who is just as independent and enchanting as the Princess of Agrabah, we’ve got something that you’ll all love. This Jasmine costume from Disney’s animated feature, Aladdin, is officially licensed and a complete look that will transform your tyke into Princess Jasmine! This is a turquoise jumpsuit made of satin with billowing legs and glittering overlay. The front of the gold neckline has a faux gemstone and the belt features the same detailing. Tie up your kiddo’s hair with turquoise ribbon for a really complete look!  REAL AGRABAH MAGICWhen you’ve got a tyke as confident as Jasmine, there’s no choice but to let that Princess Power shine. Of course, that only makes us wonder how quick everything would have been resolved if Jasmine had been the one to find the lamp. Phew! All Agrabah’s problems would be instantly solved by Sultan Jasmine!  

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Female

Size: 3T/4T

Color: Green

Material: Polyester


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Girls Aladdin Animated Deluxe Jasmine Costume

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