Gigglez the Clown Kid’s Mask – Immortal Masks

Foundation of FearIt can be hard to imagine what legendarily creepy clowns were like as children. But that’s exactly what your little pranksters want. They’ve had their hearts set on becoming one of the terrifying entertainers for Halloween since you gave them the green light to pick their costume.They’ve done classic Halloween scares like a ghost, vampire, and pretty banged-up zombies, but those were all part of family looks. The ghost paired with a witch, the vampire with a cute and cuddly werewolf, and the zombie with a horde of hungry pals. No one wants to be a clown with your kiddo, though. It’s too scary an idea, even dressed up in primary colors. But that just means it’s your kid’s chance to shine in the shadows!

Design & Details
Help make your kiddo’s Halloween nightmare a reality with this exclusive Child Gigglez the Clown Mask from Immortal Masks! This children’s sized latex mask covers a full head while exposing the neck. Intricately molded to include wrinkles, bags, and a distinct facial expression, the Halloween costume accessory gives a masterclass in fright before we even acknowledge the color! The flesh-toned mask is painted with a classic white, green, and black clown makeup design. A darker wash overtop gives the accessory a shadowy, weathered look, perfect for a spooky clown costume. Meanwhile, fluffy red synthetic hair fibers are attached from temple to temple, leaving the mask’s crown bare and completing the devilish clown’s look!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: One-Size

Color: Green & Red & White

Material: Latex


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Gigglez the Clown Kid’s Mask – Immortal Masks

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