Ghostbusters Slimer Toddler Costume

Know Your GhostsMake your kiddo one of the most beloved ghosts of the 21st century. If Casper is the first ghost that pops up in your head then we might have to educate you a bit. Were not talking about the friendly ghost. Thats so boring. No, we are, of course, speaking of the one and only, Slimer! He is everybodys favorite little green troublemaking phantom. Whether Slimer is gobbling down a plate of scraps in a hotel or transporting the public with a bus, he is always getting plenty of laughs.If your little one loves to let their mischievous side out from time to time then this is the perfect Halloween costume for them. They will be the perfect vessel for Slimer to embody. Just make sure your playful little rascal doesnt eat through all of their Halloween candy in one sitting. Thats a tummy-ache you do not want to deal with, trust us. Things can get pretty messy.

Design & Details
One thing we love about this costume is how easy it is to assemble. It is a simple two-piece outfit. For starters, the top of your childs body will be covered with what we like to call a bubble bodysuit. The bright lime-green bodysuit has sleeves and a hood in the shape of Slimers goofy ghost face. This ghoulish glutton may have a rather malicious set of eyes but how can one not absolutely love his big toothy smile with his slobbering tongue hanging out? Your kiddos ghostly transformation will be complete once they hop into the matching pants.Grab the PhonebookNow, we both suggest and encourage you to find the phone number of your local Ghostbusters. Sometimes the presence of Slimer, even in costume form, can be too great and you can be in over your head pretty quick. Just remember Who Ya Gonna Call when things get a little too spooky for you.

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 18MO

Color: Green & Red

Material: Polyester


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Ghostbusters Slimer Toddler Costume

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