George Washington Toddler Costume

Cross the Delaware – Or the BathtubThe Father of our Country is an amazing historical figure, but do you know who else would have been happy to fill his shoes? Your toddler! We bet your little one could do several of the things that our national hero did over the course of his career. Chop down a cherry tree with a toy axe? Your little one did that yesterday to your favorite rosebush. Scout out the land as a surveyor and go for weeks without seeing civilization? Your toddler has a habit of disappearing and returning wearing enough dirt to look like he went on a month-long expedition. Lead a brand-new country into an age of prosperity? Your toddler could do that easily, but there would be a lot more resolutions to abolish school on sunny days and protocols about greeting visiting diplomats with fart noises.

Design & Details
Tech geniuses and teens bitten by spiders aren’t the only superheroes out there – say hello to a classic hero when your little one wears this exclusive George Washington Costume for Toddlers! The golden vest front and white ascot look splendidly presidential under the long, velvety blue jacket with its gold trim, shiny buttons, and fringed epaulets decorating its shoulders. The fitted jersey-knit pants look suitably dashing under a pair of gold-edged boot tops and the foam-backed bicorn hat looks so good that it makes the King of England think twice about his own crown.Fit for a PresidentYour toddler will love the cheers he gets when he dresses as one of America’s greatest heros! Even though his costume might get him some sweet perks, we do not recommend that he impose a tax on his friends’ Halloween candy. That would be an abuse of power.

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: 2T

Color: Orange & Blue

Material: Polyblend


Price are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change. 

George Washington Toddler Costume