Gaming Fighter Costume for Boys

Choose Your Fighter! It’s a tough choice. It happens every time you load up a brand new video game. You hit the character select screen, and suddenly you’re faced with the critical decision of which character to choose. Of course, we’re experts on the subject. We’ve played just about every fighting game, every competitive FPS, and every battle royale game that we can get our hands on. We know the secret. It’s cybernetic ninjas.The best character in just about every game is the character who looks the most like a cybernetic ninja. Why? Well, it’s pretty clear. A cybernetic ninja gets that best of both worlds. They get the crazy hi-tech weapons of a robot and the deadly sneaking skills of a shinobi… and we’re pretty sure that game developers secretly give cybernetic ninja characters all of the best skills. With this knowledge, we set out to find a kid’s costume that exemplifies the perfect avatar to select during that character select screen and this Boy’s Gaming Fighter Costume is truly the top choice!

Product Details
This Gaming Fighter Costume comes with everything your child needs to battle it out with the competition. It starts with a black jumpsuit that fits with a fastener in the back. The vest fits over the jumpsuit and it has plenty of pockets, perfect for storing special tools and gadgets to help them with the battle. The costume also comes with a black hood and an attached face mask that creates a ninja-esque look. The goggles fit over the mask and add a hi-tech style to the entire costume! Combine that with the gloves, the adjustable holster, the arm guards, and the shin guards, and you have a full outfit that’s ready for any battle royale! The Match BeginsIf your child wants to be the greatest video game character around, then they’re going to need this Gaming Fighter Costume. It mixes cybernetic and ninja elements to craft a look that’s truly unique for your young gamer’s next match!

Brand: Fun World

Gender: Male

Size: S

Color: Black & Gray

Material: Polyester


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Gaming Fighter Costume for Boys

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