Fuzzy White Rabbit Costume for Girls

Rabbit BizSurprisingly, rabbit biz is slightly more involved than hanging out in a rabbit hole and munching on carrots. Rabbits are actually notoriously awesome creatures. They’re great for a snuggle, and they’re quite sociable, too. Basically, they’re fuzzy and awesome! So, when you’ve got a child perusing costume selections, we don’t mind giving a little nudge towards which costume to pick. Surely, one of our favorite animal friends will fit the bill. And we think a particularly great selection would be this Girls’ Fuzzy White Rabbit Costume. It’s gonna be fun. It’s gonna be cute. And it’s gonna have ears!  A surefire choice to take care of all of her rabbit needs, we’re sure the Rabbit Costume will be the funnest costume choice there is to be found. So, go on, get hoppin!

Design & Details
This Fuzzy White Rabbit Costume for girls is a Made by Us exclusive. And we designed it in a fun style that’s sure to be a blast. Styled as an extra furry dress, it’s got all the rabbit details she’ll need! The hood has attached ears that stand up straight. The dress zips up the front and has a satin ribbon that ties at the waist to adjust fit. We have it pictured with makeup and accessories, and you can shop here to complete the style or use her own everyday clothes to assemble the perfect costume look! Easter and BeyondSure, this costume is a great style for dressing up on Easter, but it’s ready for plenty of other fun, too! An excellent Halloween choice, or for dress-up day at school, or even just for dress-up fun at home! When she gets involved in Rabbit Biz with this costume, we’re sure she’s going to be a top player in the game. The rabbit game!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Pink & White

Material: Polyester


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Fuzzy White Rabbit Costume for Girls

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