Furry Infant Bumble Bee Costume

All That You Can BeeNow that your little one is finally here, you have found that you cannot stop wondering who they will become as they change and grow. And while you picture a lot of things in their future” tea parties, camping, hockey, math homework, and treehouses ” you never quite envisioned them turning into a bumblebee. Of course, now that you see them in this adorable Infant Plush Bumblebee Costume, you realize that this match was truly meant to “bee! “Your tiny tot is full of life and always buzzing about, noisy, active, and busy. Just like a real bumblebee, they always seem on the move and drawn to bright colors and sweet scents, and they bring an instant smile to your face. So as you searched for the perfect first Halloween costume, you couldn’t help but light up at the sight of this cute look. Not only will this little bee outfit create lasting photos and memories of your baby’s first Halloween, but it will keep them warm and snuggly all night long, even if you leave your cozy hive.

Design & Details
Our own little worker bees ” a team of talented designers ” crafted this costume in-house to be available exclusively to you! It’s a black and yellow bunting with bee stripes and black wings sewn directly onto the back. The cuddly material will keep your kiddo safe from October’s chill, and the little cap not only keeps their head warm, too, but it also has the bee’s eyes and pompom-topped antennae on top. Now, it’s time to buzz around your neighborhood in search of the sweetest nectar ” chocolate!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 0/3mo

Color: Black & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Furry Infant Bumble Bee Costume

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