Frozen Snow Queen Elsa Deluxe Kids Costume

There’s No One ElsaWhen it comes to Disney personalities, it turns out your little girl only has eyes for Elsa. And you know what? That’s OK! Kids go through phases in life. Sometimes they only want to wear purple or they like to only say words that don’t have the letter “S” in them. What can we say? Kids are weird little beings with minds all their own. But being obsessed with Elsa is a totally normal phase, trust us! Ever since Frozen hit the theaters, little kids have been dreaming of living in an ice palace and belting out “Let it Go” for hours and hours…and hours on end. Our advice? Encourage them! Playing pretend and stepping into the shoes of their favorite characters is what childhood is all about. And in this Kid’s Deluxe Frozen Snow Queen Elsa Costume, your child will look absolutely perfect in their new part!  

Product Details
This costume is officially licensed by Disney and turns your little princess into the Snow Queen instantly. It’s an exact replica of Elsa’s signature look, designed as an easy-to-wear dress with a hook and loop closure at the back. The silhouette features off-the-shoulder mesh sleeves, an asymmetrical hemline, and ice-crystal-inspired geometric shapes printed on the front. A glittery tulle cape shimmers in the wintery sun and attaches at the back of the neck. It’s the real deal! Let It Go! As we mentioned, Frozen obsession is a totally normal phase, but it may last a while. Our advice is straight out of Elsa’s book: let it go, lean into the fun your little one is having, and learn all of Anna’s lines, so you can re-enact important scenes with your little queen.

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Female

Size: 3T/4T

Color: Blue & Purple & White

Material: Polyester


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Frozen Snow Queen Elsa Deluxe Kids Costume

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