Frozen Ice Nokk Wheelchair Cover Adaptive Costume

Nokk Nokk, Who’s There?Why, it’s Elsa, of course! The most beloved and powerful princess ever to grace Disney screens. Who Elsa could it be? Ha! We crack ourselves up. No, but seriously, if your child is anything like the millions of kids who are totally obsessed with the story of Arendelle’s two sisters, Elsa and Anna, then they totally flipped when the sequel hit the big screen. This Halloween, your kiddo can turn themselves into Elsa with a simple costume change, but finding an elemental spirit of water that is shaped like a horse and that acts as the guardian of the Dark Sea can present a bigger problem. Trust us, it’s not easy to pull off. Unless you happen to have snagged this Frozen Ice NokkAdaptive Wheelchair Cover. Then your child’s look ” and mode of trick or treating transport ” is magically taken care of. Even Elsa couldn’t have done it better!

Design & Details
This clever design features everything you need to turn a standard wheelchair into a water-spirit chariot. It comes with the plastic piping and parts to create a sturdy frame over a wheelchair, and the cover converts the frame into an ethereal blue Nokk horse. Don’t worry, easy instructions are included!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Female

Size: One-Size

Color: Blue & White

Material: Plastic


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Frozen Ice Nokk Wheelchair Cover Adaptive Costume

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