Frozen 2 Prestige Elsa Girls Costume

Fire & IceThe law is almost certainly proven. For a Disney princess to become a capital-P Disney Princess, an animal companion is just about a requirement. Of course, Olaf might qualify but we’re not totally sold on that. (Plus, if Olaf is anyone’s companion, he’s Anna’s best buddy.) So, the question naturally comes. Where is Elsa’s animal buddy! ? What kind of creature would love to dwell right alongside all of Elsa’s icy magic? A perfect complement and contrast?Well, we’re not 100% on whether Elsa’s team up with the adorable firey salamander of the Enchanted Forest is a for-sure eternal friendship but, once you give a cutie like that its first taste of a fallen snowflake, we’re pretty sure that means instant companions, right! ? Maybe we’re overly eager. Maybe we should just wait patiently and let Elsa’s animal companion show up in its own due time. Or we can encourage you to help join the pair sooner than later!  

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As Elsa sets out on her newest adventure into the Enchanted Forest, your tyke can celebrate the fun with this Elsa costume, featuring her new dress from Frozen 2. This dress zips up the back and features long ice-blue sleeves and an ombre effect to the bottom hemline. The glittering snowflake pattern throughout and icy sequined panel in the front makes it a great movie replica look. The blue belt is attached as well as a sheer cape split in two parts down the back. This officially licensed look has everything… except that Disney Princess companion, of course. (That’s up to you! )Show Yourself! Who is that mysterious animal companion laying in wait! ? If not a cute salamander, maybe your family pup, cat, or even your tyke’s imaginary buddy. No matter what form your little Elsa’s animal friend may take, this Frozen 2 costume is sure to conjure up the smiles. 

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Female

Size: 06-Apr

Color: Blue

Material: Polyester


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Frozen 2 Prestige Elsa Girls Costume

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