Frozen 2 Kids Elsa Boots

Cool as iceDoes your little one love Queen Elsa? We totally understand… She’s one of our favorite Disney princesses, too! (Though we suppose she’s technically a Disney queen…) We don’t know what’s most impressive: her beautiful voice, her fantastic fashion sense or the fact that she can rain down a super storm of ice and snow whenever she feels like building a snowman. (Oh, and the fact that her snow creations can come alive is a whole extra level of cool!)
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It’s no wonder that your little princess wants to dress up like the Queen of Cool for her next costume party. She may already have the sparkly dress and cape, but don’t forget the boots! No ice queen’s costume is complete without¬†Frozen 2 Child Elsa Boots. The beautiful blue boots have pretty white snowflake accents and look just like Queen Elsa’s from her second movie! Plus, they have unique adjustable backing so that they can fit most kids’ shoe sizes (4-13).Into the unknown!With these sparkly Elsa Boots, your little girl will be ready for her next adventure, whether it’s ruling a kingdom, reversing an ice age or forging into the unknown! She may not know where she’s going, but she’s guaranteed to go forward in style!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Girls

Size: One-Size

Color: Blue & White

Material: Polyester

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Frozen 2 Kids Elsa Boots

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