Frozen 2 Kids Anna Boots

Fabulous Frozen Footwear Its a known fact that Elsa gets some pretty amazing costume changes. Its easy to look fabulous when you can conjure a sparkling gown out of the water, or weave a beautiful jumpsuit-style outfit from mist and snow. Elsa is certainly a queen of fashion, but lets not forget Annas sassy sense of style! This princess knows that looking great and being ready for adventure go hand in hand. All of her dresses are pretty yet practical, perfect for running from giant rock monsters or sharing a quiet moment with Kristoff. And accessorizing is something that she does best of all!

Product Details
Youll be the belle of Arendelle in your Frozen 2 Anna Child Boots! These beauties are ornately decorated with gold glitter, but sleekly designed for tromping through enchanted forests. They may not be glass slippers, but theyre just as lovely “ and you wont lose one when youre saving the day!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Female

Size: One-Size

Color: Black & Orange

Material: Polyester Foam


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Frozen 2 Kids Anna Boots

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