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A Fiery Young LadyOnce upon a time, in the faraway realm of Arendelle, two young princesses would grow up with very distinct personalities. One would be cool and aloof, even evasive of contact with all others. She’d wear a crown of frosty blonde hair. Her sister, though, would sport a head of brownish-red hair and the go-get-’em attitude to match. While Elsa had some pretty awesome icy magic brewing out of her control, Anna was full of fire! If you’ve got a tyke that has a similarly adventurous attitude, you might have a little Anna on your hands. Here are a few traits that you should be looking for. Does your kiddo see something new on the horizon and want to race towards it no matter what that may be? Are they set to keep their siblings and friends out of danger (or at least join them if they’re going in anyway)? Are there legions of folks that are certain that your tyke will develop fire magic to match Elsa’s ice?

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Well, if any of that is true, the choice for your kiddo’s Halloween costume is already destiny! Time to watch that smile spread from ear to ear when you hand over this officially licensed Anna costume as featured in Frozen 2. This dress, belt, and cloak are all inspired by the adventuring look Anna wears as the group ventures towards the Enchanted Forest. The dress fastens with hooks and loops on the back and the purple and red cloak fits over the shoulders with an elastic strap for fit. Perfect for twirling, cape fwooshing, and sister-saving! Ready for AdventureYour little one is already looking for a great Halloween exploration, so it only fits to make sure they’re decked out in a Disney look that fits their fiery passion for fun. Anna is here to save the day!  

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Female

Size: 12-Oct

Color: Black & Yellow & Purple

Material: Polyester


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Frozen 2 Anna Girls Deluxe Costume | Princess Costumes for Girls

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