Frankenstein Deluxe Costume for Kids

Put Away the PitchforksEveryone jumps to conclusions. Just look at Frankenstein’s “monster” for instance. The big lug was just a dude looking for a few friends and everyone ran away from him because he looks a little strange. Instead of chatting it out with the guy, everyone grabs their torches and their pitchforks to run him out of town. Perhaps the world just needs to see the nicer side of so-called monsters! Perhaps, if someone as charming as your child could show the world that monsters can be cool, people would put down their torches and pitchforks to embrace monsters in their lives!

Product Details
This Frankenstein costume for kids helps transform your child into the iconic character from the Mary Shelley novel. It comes with a jacket with an attached shirt. The jacket is black and has some tattered sleeves to recreate the down-on-his-luck look of the creature from the story. It also features a foam lapel, because we know that Frankie likes to look classy when he can. The shirt has printed details, including green skin and muscles, to help give your child a classic monster look. Of course, your child can fully assume the role of Frankenstein’s monster without wearing a mask! This costume comes with a molded latex mask that fits over the top of your child’s face. Just pair it with a pair of your child’s favorite pair of pants and they’ll be ready to introduce the world to a kinder monster! To get the full look, like featured in the image, you may want to add a green makeup kit to complete the look.New Monster at the PartyWhen your child rolls up to the costume party wearing this Frankenstein costume, they’ll be ready to use their charm to give monsters a good name! Those townspeople will be putting away their torches and pitchforks in no time!

Brand: Rubies Costume Co. Inc

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Green & Gray

Material: Polyester


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Frankenstein Deluxe Costume for Kids