Fox Toddler Dress Costume

A Sly TransformationIs your little one quick, smart, and sly? Are they both poised and mischievous? A polite prankster? Do they feel as at home in the woods as they are around your neighborhood? While it can be scary when you realize your toddler is bright enough to outsmart you, there is also a certain amount of pride involved. After all, you raised a really talented little trickster. So it’s a good thing they also have a heart of gold! You never know what your sweet and clever toddler will do, and you revel in the thrill of it all. Wow! Your child sounds an awful lot like a beautiful, wild little fox. If you want to know for sure, then slip on this adorable Toddler Fox Dress Costume! It helps your child transform into a sly stalker of the forest, with a pretty pop of dress-up magic, too. Just…don’t be surprised if this costume comes out for more than just Halloween. Once your little fox knows how cute and powerful they are, it may not want to go back to being a kid every day!

Design & Details
This exclusive costume was crafted in our in-house design studio, by a team of magical forest gnomes who know a lot about foxes. Actually, it’s just our design squad, who are dedicated to perfection in every stitch and detail. This is a zip-up A-line dress in a rusty brown hue, with an attached tail and hood. White plush patches on the chest, hem, and tail make this fun frock feel furry, and the hood pulls up to reveal a fox’s sweet face, complete with cute pointy ears!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: 2T

Color: Brown

Material: Polyester


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Fox Toddler Dress Costume

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