Fox Dress Girl’s Costume

Looking Smart! The average kiddo already has a multitude of clever thoughts a day. They might be putting into plan a few insightful tricks to get their smartphone to refresh their energy levels on the latest mobile game. Perhaps they’ve devised a way to ditch their chores for an afternoon all by showing off how committed they were to acing another task that they actually wanted to do. All we know is that the phrase probably should have been “clever as a kiddo” instead of that sly fox. Of course, if you’ve got a tyke who is truly special, they might be thinking on a whole new level!  

Design & Details
 If you’ve got a genuine genius on your hands, it is time to let them dress up as the smarty pants they truly are. How? Well, with this Fox Dress costume! This is a Made By Us design that combines the sleek look of a hooded dress with the adorable awe of nature’s trickiest forest-dweller. The plush dress fits easily with a back zipper and features a stuffed tail sewn to the back so your kiddo can wag a tail while twirling the skirt! The hood features a stuffed snout and cute embroidered eyes and the whole costume includes minky white fur at the hemline and trim! Your clever kid will surely see that you had the right idea with a costume like this!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Brown

Material: Polyester


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Fox Dress Girl’s Costume

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