Fortnite Tomatohead Costume for Boys

Pizza, Please! Pizza is the great equalizer. Weve always known it, and now this truth is officially confirmed. No matter where you are (Rome! Idaho! Brazil! An island overtaken by a fight-to-the-death slugfest! ), pizza is a staple wherever you go. Even battle-hardened warriors need to take breaks and sink their teeth into the crisp crust, dripping tomato sauce, deliciously oozy cheese, and any toppings their hearts desire.Fortunately, the grinning owner mascot of Tomato Temple deeply understands this basic human need. Tomatohead invites all ravenous ravagers to the Pizza Pit to enjoy a hot slice of heaven “ but leave your weapons at the door!

Product Details
Bring joy and greasy goodness to Battle Royale fighters in your officially licensed Fortnite Boys Tomatohead Costume! This 100 percent polyester jumpsuit is plastered in awesome printed graphics. The appliqued quilted pizza on the chest is enough to make anyone hungry. Your Tomatohead mask is made of molded plastic and secures via an elastic band so you can flash that unnervingly cheery grin at all Pizza Pit customers. Strap the belt around your waist and pull on the shin guards. After all, you never know where a fight might break out and food fights are the most dangerous of all! A Big Slice of Fun So maybe you arent as crafty as Drift or as terrifying as a Skull Trooper, but you do have the most important advantage of all “ access to pizza! Kick back and enjoy a slice before plunging into combat. Food is fuel!

Brand: InSpirit

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Green & Red & Orange

Material: Polyblend


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Fortnite Tomatohead Costume for Boys

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