Fortnite Mezmer Kid’s Costume

Mezmer-EyesCrawling through the underbrush, you head towards the edge of a massive firefight. There are at least 20 players out there all trying to hit each other in one of the largest battles you have ever seen. You dont think you have been spotted, so you just lay on back and watch, your eyes popping in delight.You watch as an Easter Bunny blows up a robot, then gets eaten by a t-rex, who gets punched into the atmosphere by a cat with the biggest muscles you have ever seen. It is crazy out there, until at last a pumpkin punk is going one on one with a cowgirl. Taking your time, you eye them both before sniping them and winning the match!

Product Details
Finding the perfect costume to show off your love of all things Fortnite is harder and harder each season, but you will be pleased as punch with this Kid’s Fortnite Mezmer Costume. The molded plastic mask is held on securely with an elastic strap, but the details of the ears and eyes are what will really make you love it. The gloves and jacket also have tons of great detail that will make all your foes run away in fear. The awesome green, swirling pattern gives a lot of Mesoamerican style to this costume, which we are sure you love even more in person.Winning CombinationIf you are looking for the perfect costume for any occasion, then look no further than this Kid’s Fortnite Mezmer Costume! You will love looking and feeling like the number one character in all of Fortnite!

Brand: InSpirit

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Green & Black

Material: Polyester


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Fortnite Mezmer Kid’s Costume

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