Fortnite Boy’s Omega Costume

You’ve Reached Level 100! You don’t need a Season 4 Battle Pass to gain access to this awesome look! Fans of the viral game Fortnite look forward to the game’s “season” updates, which always include new gameplay, storytelling, and fun pieces for the players”especially the skins. This sleek look was only available for a limited time, but now your little Fortnite gamer can put this “skin” on in real life! Get ready for lots of running and “pew pew! ” noises once your child gleefully dons this Fortnite Boy’s Omega Costume. It’s time to battle for the island in style!  

Product Details
In game, players have to reach certain levels to receive pieces of the Omega skin. A chestpiece here, an arm piece there, with the final mask piece only released upon reaching the final level. When you buy this costume, you get the whole thing at once! This zippered jumpsuit combines all of the pieces (except for the mask, of course), to make this costume easy to put on and take off. Some padding in the shoulders and chest adds some muscles to the look, while padding in the knees makes playing the hero more comfortable for your Omega child. The mask also has a foam interior for best comfort and fit. Simply slide the elastic around your child’s head, and they are ready to go! King of the Island No matter the need for a costume, this Omega look is sure to be a favorite for little Fortnite gamers. Themed birthday party? Omega suit. Going trick or treating in the neighborhood? Omega suit. Staying home and eating mac and cheese? Omega suit! Don’t we all want to be the heroes of our own stories? Let your child play the hero in this Fortnite inspired design. Now, who wants to play Battle Royale?

Brand: InSpirit

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Gray & Red

Material: Polyblend


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Fortnite Boy’s Omega Costume

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