Fleece Bat Kids Costume | Exclusive | Made By Us Costume

BAT-WHO?We all know what your kids friends say at school; they go on and on about how a certain bat man is the coolest out there and there is no bat-like creature that could ever be as cool. We’re not exactly sure who this man-bat “hero” supposedly is, but we do know that your Bat-Kid is about to make history! It’s time for your kiddo to make their friends brains explode by showing off their mighty bat-powers. We’re talking swooping. Potent listening. Maybe even some of that echolocation that we’re always hearing about. They will crown your kiddo king of all bat creatures to ever fly the planet. The superhero thing will quickly be replaced by your mighty Bat-Kid. The thing is, superheroes drive really cool cars and have a special signal and everything, so your kid will probably want to figure out what their power may be. Well, that’s all in the look. 

Design & Details
Get your kiddo ready for heroics with this Child Fleece Bat costume. Made By Us in our department of New Superhero Designs, this look is going to have all the children flapping with excitement. While your tyke’s pals shiver in their latex superhero costumes, this fleece hooded jumpsuit will have your little hero being the coziest kid on the block. With multiple size options, heck, you could have a whole team of bat-kids ready to head out at dusk tonight, circling the houses for candy, using an innate sense to guide them. No one will even remember that other Bat-character! “I AM… BAT-KID! “With this crazy-wide-sleeved jumpsuit, your kiddo’s gestures turn into complete wing movements! No need for crazy tech and a tragic backstory for your kiddo to enjoy the night as a creature of the darkness. As an important note: we are not responsible for your child acquiring superpowers including but not limited to vampire shapeshifting or the need to speak in a deep, gravely voice to imitate other bat-heroes. 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Black

Material: Polyester


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Fleece Bat Kids Costume | Exclusive | Made By Us Costume

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