Five Nights at Freddy’s Child Bonnie Costume

There aren’t many things more terrifying than animatronic animals at a pizza parlor. Maybe it’s the dead look in their eyes, the fiendish smile stretched across their ugly mugs or the creepy voices that are paired with their frightening appearances… most likely its the combination of all three. Jeepers, we’re getting chills thinking back to the last time we had a face to face run in with one of these awful night terrors. But if scary is what your kiddo is going for this Halloween, look no further! This Bonnie Costume is sure to scare the pants off of all your neighbors and the other neighborhood kids. This demented version of a bunny will certainly raise the ‘hares’ on the back of anyone’s neck, especially when your kiddo stands in the distance and gives them a long lifeless stare. Just because this robotic animal is an entertainer during the daylight don’t let others be fooled by the bowtie, putting a smile on people’s faces is not what Bonnie hopes to accomplish in the dark of night. No, Bonnie, or rather the ghost that possesses Bonnie, is out for one thing and that just ‘hoppens’ to be revenge. So make sure you’re kiddo isn’t suddenly taken over by vengeful spirits, else you may be in for five frightful nights! Bring back to life the robotic horrors we all knew at such young ages with this Five Night at Freddy’s themed costume!

Brand: Rubies Costume Co. Inc

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Purple

Material: Polyester


Price are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change. 

Five Nights at Freddy’s Child Bonnie Costume