Fighter Jet Wagon Costume Cover Accessory

Roger That! Seatbelts on and engine started! Clear the runway! We’ve got a new mission to start: People around the neighborhood have been sighted getting ready for Halloween. Our job is to fly by and make sure that they have enough trick-or-treat candy to give out. Of course we’ll have to test the conditions for ourselves. Who’s ready to go? 

Product Details
 Head straight into the danger zone – err, the treat zone, actually – using this Fighter Jet Wagon Cover Accessory! The cover fits most standard wagons and is shaped like the sides of a fighter jet. It’s printed with realistic graphics, and the tail is decorated with a cool skull and crossbones image. Up and Away What’s a pilot without his trusty plane? Put on your flight suit and get into the cockpit of your new aircraft. If all goes well, you’ll have had plenty of adventures by the time your trip is over. 

Brand: Seeing Red

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: As Shown

Material: Felt


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Fighter Jet Wagon Costume Cover Accessory

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