Ferdinand Bull Toddler Costume

Peace & LoveYour child is a delight. While his brothers and sisters run around creating chaos, your littlest kiddo prefers to sit in the grass, smelling the flowers. When fights break out in the sandbox, your kid opts out, choosing instead to stroll the fenceline on their own. And though big and strong for their age, your child doesn’t want to be seen as a threat! It sounds to us like all the nights you spent reading your kiddo The Story of Ferdinand really paid off, and now you have a bonafide pacifist on your hands!  This Toddler Ferdinand Bull Costume, then, helps bring your child’s favorite character to life before his very eyes! They can use it for trick-or-treating (more treats than tricks, obviously) and re-enact favorite scenes from the movie between doorbell rings. But most importantly, he can slip it on, sneak out to the backyard, and sit under his favorite tree, smelling the flowers. Ahhhhh. What a comforting moment of solitude!

Design & Details
Your tot will become even more serene (if that’s even possible) once he’s cloaked in Ferdinand’s peaceful energy. This furry jumpsuit is as cozy as it is cute”with front “hooves” and a hood that looks just like Ferdinand’s friendly face! The look is licensed, so it’s a legit replica from the film, with a sweet tail in back and a protruding, padded belly that turns your toddler into the biggest, baddest bull around. But you both know that means there’s just more of him to love! Flower PowerWith everything going on in your house, we’re guessing you’re feeling pretty good about your quiet-bull-out. Enjoy the peace your little calf brings you; it seems all that reading really impacted him. Of course, we hope all the chaos around you dies down, but if it doesn’t, take a page from Ferdinand’s book and stop and smell the flowers!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: 18MO

Color: Black & Brown & Beige

Material: Polyester


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Ferdinand Bull Toddler Costume

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