Feed Me Bass Child Costume

Burgers, Not BaitIts hard to be a bottom-dweller when your meals always consist of worms. Bottom-dweller is a demeaning term anyway. You are a discerning food critic, an enjoyer of haute cuisine, a true aficionado of appetite! Why does no one bait a hook with truffled foie gras or a piece of New York-style cheesecake? Just once youd like to see pasta on the end of a lure rather than one of those disgusting nightcrawlers.The only thing left to do is to evolve. This largemouth bass chose to flop up on land and learn to breathe air in order to search out the choicest bites and nicest nibbles. Dont be surprised it swims into your kitchen and begs for cookies!

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Give feed the fish a new meaning in your Child Feed Me Bass Costume! This foam-backed, sculpted velour will help you glide effortlessly around bistros and bakeries. The attached fins and tail are just as functional on land as in water, and are twice as fashionable! The mouth doubles as a pouch for holding gobs of goodies. A fish hook dangles from the mouths right side “ a souvenir from when one of your treats came with a trick! Add the bucket-style fishermans hat for extra fishy flair! Nightcrawlers No MoreIn your Child Feed Me Bass costume, youll enjoy a world of wonderful flavors. Why hasnt anyone told the other pond inhabitants about the glories of mac and cheese? You might just have to make it your mission to help others learn the truth. Soon, schools of fish in the candy store will be a normal sight!

Brand: Princess Paradise

Gender: Unisex

Size: M/L

Color: Green & Beige

Material: Polyblend


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Feed Me Bass Child Costume

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