Fawn Deer Girl’s Costume

A MYSTERIOUS POWERWe’ve been telling our kids for decades that they can do anything they put their mind towards. And, we definitely believe that is true. We just kind of expected that they wouldn’t devote all their energy towards the acquisition of delicious sweets. No matter what precautions we take to keep them out of the candy jar, they find their way into it. The best locks are met by the kids’ masterful lockpicking prowess and traps easily dodged by their ninja skills. Put up a mighty guardian and they whip out their Wizarding wands and turn them into a new animal companion they just want to keep!  But, we couldn’t have predicted the newest trick that they’d have up their sleeves. We should have seen it coming, especially with how cute all those animals are! The dastardly darlings have taken to turning themselves into cute animals and then giving us those doe eyes that demand delicious snacks! What is an adult to do! ? 

Design & Details
Well, we figure that those kiddos have already won, so we might as well give them the reward they’ve earned. Start off with this Girl’s Fawn Deer Costume, a comfy, cozy, and cute costume dreamed up by our own design team. This pajama-style jumpsuit has soft, light brown fabric detailed with a fawn’s white spots. (The tail sewn to the back makes a perfect additional detail! ) Your kiddo can pull up the hood to finish the transformation thanks to the deer face and soft antlers. All that is left is a treat to send them skipping!  A GENIUS TACTICIn a world of clever kids, we thought we’d seen all the tricks to get at the candy. But, when your kiddo turns into this adorable Fawn, we’re sure that you’ll find giving them sweets may be truly irresistible! Of course, watching them prance around with a delicious reward will be well worth it. 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: M

Color: Beige & White

Material: Polyester


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Fawn Deer Girl’s Costume

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