Evil Madame Girl’s Costume

Playtime VillainKids dont always get to the be the hero at playtime. Sometimes, theyre cast as the villain. And to be honest, from what we remember, that can be a lot of fun. They get to behave completely off the wall. From acting like theyre best friends with someone they hardly know to kidnapping 99 puppies, theres really nothing they couldnt come up with to rattle the good guys. When a kid has to be the bad guy they get to carry themselves with an unshakeable confidence and wear wild outfits that are equal parts garish and stylish. They get to be the boss of a couple henchmen and the focus of everyone elses attention. Of course, the good guys arent going to let it go on forever”thats not how any of the classic stories work. The villains madness is going to have an end, but until then they get to pretend and enjoy a few minutes of wickedness.

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Let your child enjoy the spooky lime green spotlight of villains with this Evil Madame Costume. Whether theyre playing the bad guy for their friends or looking for a stylishly classic look for their Halloween fun, theyll be set with this 2-piece ensemble. The costume starts with a black satin, knee-length dress with red ruffle trim. Attached to the dress are dalmatian print jacket panels with a high collar and a bright red belt that matches the dress trim. Polishing off this sophisticated look is a pair of fingerless red opera gloves.Mad IntrigueYour child will be able to harness the undeniable intrigue of a classic villain with this Evil Madame Costume. Whether theyre trick-or-treating or celebrating Read Across America, this stylish look has them covered. All they might need is a reminder to be nice to puppies and a wild two-toned wig to really bring show off their temporary madness.

Brand: Smiffys

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Black & Red & White

Material: Polyester


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Evil Madame Girl’s Costume

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