Evil Gray Suit Infant Costume

Who’s a Little Evil Genius! ?We all have grand ambitions for our little babes. Some of us are already imagining them graduating from Medical school and others are picturing them giving their Inauguration speech at the White House. Then there are the sporty families that can just feel they’re holding a literal little slugger in their arms or have a babe who is so cute they are destined for the silver screen. It’s always fun imagining where they will go as they grow! Then… there are those tykes who you know are going to be trouble. We can’t even consider what the Terrible Twos are going to be like because we’re too focused on seeing their calculating eyes solving all sorts of stuff when we’re still trying to remember where we put the diaper bag! Still, whether your little genius is going to solve the world’s problems or help create them, we can’t deny that they’re just too adorable. (Of course, maybe that’s their plan.)

Design & Details
Suit your sweetie up in style with this Evil Gray Suit costume for infants. The outfit comes with a pair of matching pants and a jacket sized for tykes up to 18 months. Soft minky fabric means comfy, cozy, and just a bit stylish. Plus, hook and loop strips on the seam make it easy to put on and take off! The soft cap gives your tyke a bald look if they don’t already have it, plus that raised eyebrow lets you know they’ve always got a plot brewing in their adorable brain. The Evilest GiggleBabies have a way of making all sorts of adorable sounds. We wonder what a wicked one might sound like! When you gear up your little one in this Evil Gray Suit costume, you’ll soon discover. Though, if we’re being honest, we suspect that all of the Ooohs and Ahhs of the crowd will drown out your kiddo’s evil coos. (Maybe that’s their plan! ?)

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: 0/3mo

Color: Brown & Gray

Material: Polyester


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Evil Gray Suit Infant Costume

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