Evil Clown Costume for Kids

The down low on this clown thingSo. What could be more twisted than an Evil Circus Clown? Not a whole lot! Which is, inevitably, why your kid is twisting your arm to get you to order this costume for them. At first glance, you might be put-off by the thought of having a diabolical clown under your roof. But let us tell ya, it really ain’t that bad! In our experience killer clowns just really aren’t all that bad. Sure, they carry around a big axe, hammer, or machete. And they’re usually soaked and splattered in “blood.” And that smile? It’s so scary you’d typically be inclined to do a 180 and head for the hills! But, in actuality, Evil Clowns just want to have a little fun. Seriously! Ask any devious looking clown, and they’ll tell you the real deal. 9 out of 10 clown experts agree, evil clowns just want to fill their satchels up with trick-or-treat candy, and maybe, only maybe, give a few folks just a little minor fright. And after they give ’em a “scare” everyone can just enjoy a light-hearted chuckle. That doesn’t sound so terrible, does it?

Product Details
This Boy’s Evil Clown Costume is most certainly ready for Halloween fun. In a printed polyester satin, the jumpsuit is designed to be worn baggy, and it has a ruffled collar that secures around the neck with ties. It comes with a full-head latex mask, and the mask even features a molded little tiny hat on top. You know, for added creepy effect! The toy weapon we have it pictured with is sold separately, and totally optional. You should decide how wicked you want your little clown to be! Doesn’t have to be scaryScary can be a lot of fun. But it doesn’t have to be scary. Sometimes, the villains are the heroes, and the heroes aren’t always so virtuous. So… maybe your kiddo wants to be a secret protagonist! Or maybe he just wants to give a scare to his kid sister. Either way, whatever works! We don’t judge! ! We just purvey costumes, and a little bit of wit and wisdom when the opportunity affords. So, if a clown costume is what he’s hankering for, hook him up!

Brand: Fun World

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Blue & Red & White

Material: Polyester


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Evil Clown Costume for Kids

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