Encanto Mirabel Classic Costume for Children

Just as Special All your life, you’ve been wondering what went wrong. In a family full of people who get magical gifts on their sixth birthdays, it’s hard not to think that you’re not special. Family weirdos can get a bad rap, after all. It turns out that you don’t need magic to realize that you’ve had gifts all along. When trouble threatens your loved ones and your town, you’re the one who fixes what’s broken and brings everyone together. 
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We don’t talk about Bruno, but we do talk about how amazing this officially licensed Encanto Mirabel Classic Child Costume is! The beautiful one-piece dress fastens up the back and is designed to look like a blouse tucked into a flouncy skirt. The top is made of white material with printed butterfly and scallop embroidery. A pink ribbon butterfly is attached to the right shoulder. The tiered skirt is made of shiny blue fabric and is printed with colorful butterflies, flowers, hearts and animals. Add a big pair of green glasses! Waiting on a MiracleOne of Mirabel’s best talents is being able to listen with kindness, show compassion, and keep an open, curious mind. It’s not easy to be the magic-less one when your older sisters can lift buildings and make flowers grow in an instant, but without Mirabel’s loving heart and sense of compassion, their powers would have vanished forever. It turns out that the true miracle isn’t the casita’s gifts: It’s the magic of love! 

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Girls

Size: 3T/4T

Color: Green & Pink & White

Material: Polyester

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Encanto Mirabel Classic Costume for Children

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