Egyptian Queen Girls Costume

Queen GoalsYour gal is looking to reign the roost. She’s getting older and practicing her leadership skills, like negotiation, hard work, and even managing her own homework. She’s come a long way and is such a great big sister. She shows a ton of promise as a benevolent ruler. But still, maybe you aren’t quite ready to hand over the keys to your kingdom just yet. That’s OK! Your little one can still be a queen. Just not a queen of your house.This Girl’s Egyptian Queen Costume is totally cool, and it will give your child her own historical empire to rule. Always the history buff, your kiddo will love the details adorning this beautiful and regal ensemble, and you will love watching her step into this ancient-yet-timeless look, ready to rule. Anyone can slap on a crown and a ballgown, but only a smart, stately girl like yours can pull off this pretty, powerful costume like a true queen!

Product Details
This ensemble is draped in luxe details that will have your little queen feeling regal, indeed! It’s a floor-length, sleeveless dress that pulls over her head, with a sheer mesh panel at the bottom decorated with glittering Egyptian symbols. There is a gold ropelike belt that ties in the back for a great fit, while golden sequin armbands hold turquoise arm drapes in place. The faux gems that accent the dress neckline are truly fit for a queen”your queen, in fact!  Golden RulerNow that she’s got the outfit, your gal will need to perfect her queenly behavior. Good thing she’s already such an astute leader. Remind her to be kind, generous, and to share her Halloween candy with her little brother, like any good ruler!  

Brand: Fun World

Gender: Female

Size: 14-Dec

Color: Black & Orange & Blue

Material: Polyester


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Egyptian Queen Girls Costume

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