Egyptian Pharaoh Costume for Boys

Raising a PharaohIt must be hard to raise a king. King Tut became the ruler of Egypt at the tender age of 9. Do you think his advisors had to scold him to eat his vegetables? Do you think they had to tell him to clean up his room? What if King Tut ever got mad at his advisors? He could just lock them up in jail! Well, its a good thing that youre raising an ordinary kid, but maybe its about time you gave him a chance to rule the roost! Yes, you could turn your child into a king! All you need to do is dress him up in this childs Egyptian Pharaoh costume and serve his every whim. Then your young one will truly be a king!

Design & Details
This child costume is one of our many exclusive costumes and helps your child feel like the ruler of a powerful nation! It comes with a black tunic that slips on over the head. It comes with a shiny gold collar that fits around the neck and a matching foam belt that fits around the waist. The belt has various black designs in the middle to help accentuate your childs new regal appearance. The headpiece is a gold and black striped style and it fits with an elastic strap under the chin. Finish the costume off by fitting the gold wristbands around your childs wrists and hell be ready to issue the next command! Whos in Command?You can let your young child proclaim his sovereignty when he wears this Pharaoh costume! On second thought, you might want to remain in control of your home¦ you never know if your child will try to recruit you when they attempt to have a pyramid built in their honor!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Black & Orange

Material: Polyester


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Egyptian Pharaoh Costume for Boys

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