Eagle Dress Girl’s Costume

Flying High There’s something about eagles that’s just so special! Even a glimpse of one wheeling above the trees or gliding beyond a mountain is a thrilling experience. They get a view of the world that few other creatures are privileged to have, they can dive and soar and float in displays of aerial acrobatics, and they don’t need any engine to get them off the ground. Oh, and they look absolutely stunning, too. They’re the total package!  

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Spread your wings in this exclusive Girl’s Elegant Eagle Dress Costume! The knee-length dress is made of soft brown velour, with white faux fur trim on the sleeve cuffs and waistline. The shoulders and chest are draped with a cowl of faux fur, which is attached to the hood with its soft-sculpted beak and plastic eyes. Brown wings made of stiffened felt secure behind your shoulders with elastic straps, and cream-colored satin “feathers” fan out from the back waistline to form a tail. The Courage to SoarIf you’re the type who can’t be held down or contained, who loves to explore wild places and fly freely, you’re going to love dressing as one of your favorite animals! Most eagles find their food by gliding above their prey and then snaring them with a diving surprise attack from above, but you don’t actually have to do that when you’re wearing this costume. In fact, that might alarm anyone who’s trying to hand out trick-or-treat candy. If you want to pretend to devour your candy the way a bird of prey might, that’s up to you!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Brown & Orange & White

Material: Polyester


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Eagle Dress Girl’s Costume

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