Dress Up Bride Girls Costume

Haunted WeddingSome children grow up dreaming about their wedding. They imagine the dress and tuxedos. They plan what colors the flowers will be and how they’ll arrange them. Food is dreamt up, especially the tall multi-teared cake with its exquisite topper. We wind up hearing stories about all the bright colors and happy music and how much fun everyone will have at this make-believe wedding.Your child, however, has been talking about the rotten roses they’ll carry and the grey-iced cake they’ll share with their guests. They’ve told you how ghosts and ghouls will attend alongside witches and vampires. Everyone will dance to a string quartet playing slow, haunting tunes that make everyone’s skin crawl. They’re excited about their spooky wedding plans and (if you ask us) you should be too; your child has given you the coolest idea for a Halloween party! All you need to do is invite the guests and provide some snacks. Oh, and get your child the right costume for their grand costume party.
Product Details
A haunted wedding-themed party calls for a jaw-dropping gown like this Dress Up Bride Costume. They’ll feel like their dreams have come true as they clip the full, waist-length veil in their hair and make their grand entrance to the ghostly ball. In the layered tulle skirt and lace sleeves, your child will be ready to dance the night away to spooky violin music (playing over the Bluetooth speakers). While they twirl and enjoy their evening, their bright white shape will glow against the decaying backdrop dreamed up for their Halloween party.Halloween DreamsFantasizing about weddings is as timeless as trick-or-treating for Halloween. While most of us get to trick-or-treat as children, we don’t all get to live out those childhood wedding dreams. With this Dress Up Bride Costume, though, your child can! Whether they’ve planned a haunted Halloween wedding or just want to trick-or-treat in something fancy, they’ll be ready for a night to remember!

Brand: Dress Up America

Gender: Girls

Size: L

Color: White

Material: Polyester

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Dress Up Bride Girls Costume

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